10 Years of Perfecting the Art

About Us

Detailinger.com is a car detailing company based in Dublin, Ireland. The founder of Detailinger.com, Karolis, have over a decade of combined experience in the detailing industry. Being personally trained makes it second nature for Detailinger to always deliver top-quality results with exceptional customer service.

Masters of the Craft

About Our Team

Training never stops and with our motto “leading the science of aesthetic vehicle protection,” it ensures our customers get the very best in products. While hundreds of customers come through our car detailing shop in Ireland, most with different services needed, each will receive the best care and attention it deserves. Our team strives to create immense value for our clients and plan to do so for many more decades to come.

Leading the science of aesthetic vehicle protection

Our Why

We hate to see great cars get spoiled by awful detailing work. Before we got started in the detailing industry, we were customers ourselves and we’re always disappointed by the work we received as well as the customer service. That’s why we’ve set out to create a detailing business that delivers on a great experience from start to finish. Come visit our shop today for the best interior and exterior car detailing services in Dublin, Ireland.

Customer Experience That is Second to None

 was founded upon professionalism in everything we do. From the first contact, through the services process, to final delivery, our customers are treated with the highest levels of respect and professionalism to ensure that the customer experience is as good as the quality of service.